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COVID-19 Resources

In a short period of time we as a nation and state have taken a big hit. The current Healthcare and economic crisis brought upon by COVID-19 Virus in Georgia and US is unprecedented by the it’s imapct on the most vulnerable sections of the society. We are requesting you to give whatever amount you can donate so it goes to people in need quickly. Thank you again for your help! Regards,

Hemant Yagnick, MD President, GAPI & Executive Committee

Pay By Check
To send in your payment by mail, please address to

GAPI Foundation 1021 N. Houston Road, Warner Robins, GA 31093

Thank you!

Tax Deductible
You donation to GAPI Foundation is tax deductible. Please consult you accountant for additional information. Thanks

GAPI COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser

Your generous donation will be helping the people who need it most-
1. Healthcare first responders, EMS, Nurses, Physicians get necessary PPE
2. People with food insecurity, struggling with lost jobs and no resources
3. People dealing with mental health, substance abuse issues and homelessness

We are coordinating with these organizations to get speedy help and resources for Georgia residents struggling in these times-
1. American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
2. Global Mall & Walia Hospitality Free Meals Drive
3. Salvation army
4. United Way CSRA

  • Thank you for your generous donation!

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